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Posted on August 30, 2017

Travelling long haul for work can be a great excuse to catch up on some light entertainment. If you’re anything like me an 8hour flight is not a drag, it’s a chance to watch back-to-back films you’ve been meaning to see, read that book you have been longing to read or discover new i-phone app wizardry. Below are a few ways to indulge in a spot of long-haul me time:luxury-vintagesuitcase-travel-blogMacbook, Pen + Paper: I have been known to outline the entire plot of a book I’m hoping to one day complete on a long haul flight. I’ve sketched out a collection, drawn up ideas for my balcony garden planting, planned out blog posts and written down my ‘100 things to do in….’ annual to-do list. There’s nothing quite like 8hours, a little imagination and a pen and paper or Macbook to pass the time. If you’re not keen on flying or ever feel a little uneasy sometimes it helps to write down your future dreams to take your mind off your worries. laptop coverApps: As long as you have a smartphone or tablet you will have access to the App store. From here, you can download a plethora of games; ranging from the silly to the engrossing. Whether you are trying to best your high score on Flappy Bird or simply determined to beat a particular level on Candy Crush, playing a game can keep you engaged for a vast amount of time. Then there are the apps that serve more than just entertainment purposes. You have news apps – such as the BBC news or the BBC sport apps – which have plenty to read and if you are a sport fanatic, then the fun doesn’t have to stop at reading the news, as you can also download one of the many sportbook betting apps that are currently available on the online market. For example, the Betfair sports appnot only allows you to bet, but it also keeps you up to date with the latest news in your very own personalised world of sport: from team news to latest scores. Apps are the perfect thing to dip into. You don’t need to be on them for a long time but they do make for a pleasant five minutes here and there. It is advisable though, to download your apps prior to the trip, so they are at your fingertips instead of having a painfully arduous wait for an app to download.

Cards: Despite living in the 21st Century, there are few games more entertaining than a game of cards. If you are travelling with friends, you have the perfect opportunity to play a few hands or if you’re travelling alone you can play an age old classic game of patience. Games like Cheat, Trumps, Blackjack and President are all hugely competitive games, but also games that are extremely easy to learn and also offer lots of fun. Considering a deck of cards cost around £1 it really is a cheap, no-thrills, exciting encounter. The only problem with cards is that it causes an escalation of noise, something that won’t be a problem for you, but might be for the rest of the passengers.luxury-travel-blog-vintage-bookReading: Sticking your head in a book passes the time quicker than any other mode of entertainment. I usually choose a few titles from Waterstone’s prior to getting to the airport or purchase a few choice books from Persephone Books or Amazon which means you get a greater choice of books and price and don’t get stung shopping in the airport terminal. With Kindle’s (E-Readers), people have greater access to a huge library of books, all of which are very reasonably priced and some are even free!  Reading is the ultimate time-passer and when you can do it on a kindle or another slim-line reading application, it makes it all the more appealing….although that isn’t to say it won’t be more expensive!persephone-books-london-thefabuloustimes-rareMusic: Load up your phone with new albums, fresh podcasts and use the 8 hour flight as a great excuse to get into some new music. What’s more fun than discovering a new favourite album or single? nothing, that’s what! Discovering new music is the best feeling and music often marks that particular time in your life for years to come. Fabulous. The Fabulous Times

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