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7 ways to improve brand communication

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Posted on August 29, 2018

1) Decide on the spokesperson

The first and foremost step to improve Brand Communication with the stakeholders involves deciding on who will be the spokesperson of the brand that means who will be the face of the brand and will be communicating the important messages and brand perspectives using his or her sharp business acumen, knowledge, and expertise.

Usually, the main promoter or the key member of the management is the spokesperson as being a promoter he or she knows and understand the brand in the most intricate manner plus has been an integral part of the growth journey of the brand right from the day one. There are many cases in the corporate world where the management hires the head of the branding or marketing department as the spokesperson who communicates on the certain facets of the business with regards the products and services.

2) Have proper media channels

No matter how strong the messages of Brand Communication are, if the media channels selected are not up to the mark, it can affect the entire communication strategy.

Hence, it is vital to plan and choose the proper media channels having a potent mix of traditional mediums such as newspapers, business magazines, and periodicals along with the combination of the latest digital and social media platforms such as content marketing and blogging amongst others. Having press conferences and stakeholders meets are still one of the best and most effective channels to improve Brand Communication.

3) Be authentic

It is always better to have the communication that is authentic and genuine in nature to build the customer loyalty and develop long-lasting relationships with the investors, sponsors, and other stakeholders of the company. The communication should not be forced or have an ulterior motive or intention that it is just for the sake of fulfilling the responsibility.

4) Have a dialogue

Irrespective of where and how the Brand Communication is conducted like having a press conference or through other media channels such as print and digital platforms; it shouldn’t be a monologue but has to be in a dialogue format so that the stakeholders are able to provide their feedback, inputs, and suggestions for the betterment of the brand and express their grievances, if any. It is vital for the management and the spokesperson to understand their expectations of the brand and gauge their perspectives as well.

5) Showcase the brand’s personality

One of the essential steps to improve Brand Communication is to showcase the personality of the brand during the entire process adding the factor of humanization to the brand so that an emotional connection is created with the customers and stakeholders. Brand tone and voice should be developed and cultivated in such as manner that it delights them and instills the factors of trust and faith in their minds.

6) Be helpful

Along with harping upon the achievements, goals, objectives, and other facets of the brand, it is crucial for the spokesperson to ask for the problems that the stakeholders are facing and understand their grievances and be helpful by providing feasible and practical solutions to them. As mentioned earlier, the process of Brand Communication has to be a dialogue and not a long monologue talking about the features and merits of the brand only.

7) Be open and transparent

The factor of transparency is a must from the management’s side so that there is a consistent level of trust and loyalty maintained in the minds of stakeholders. The communication should not only be clear, open, and transparent but it, as to be true, relevant to the business and interest of stakeholders plus, should convey the current and latest details and developments about the brand and its products and services offered along with the future plans in the pipeline.



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