Stepping up the tempo of export and reversing the recurring import-export imbalance is a  clear path to improving the nation’s economic fortunes. Therefore, solving the critical challenge of not been able to sell to a global pool of consumers of about 7 billion people is both urgent and expedient. For Nigerian made goods, the hindrances usually stem from both real and perceived poorness of quality.

Over the years, the spate of appeals to patronize Made-In-Nigeria goods have yielded no concrete results even amongst the citizens, confirming the notion that there is a global convergence of tastes, not just markets. And with no substantial patronage from home or abroad the local industries are nothing but endangered species, undermining the whole concept of the Nigerian Industrial Revolution Plan. Products from Nigeria can achieve greater global penetration based on a really, simplistic paradigm:
If You Build It Well, Brand It With The Global Trends In Mind, The World Will Buy.

. Asians have pulled it off and so we can. And MINFOW presents one of the clearest opportunity for export re-invigoration as it complements the efforts of various Nigerian regulatory agencies in promoting quality agenda and transform Nigeria into a net exporting country away from oil.


If You Build It Well, Brand It With The Global Trends In Mind, The World Will Buy.


Christened the MADE-IN-NIGERIA FOR THE WORLD (MINFOW) portal is the leading Nigerian trade and business directory with listings of certified goods, brands, and services from Nigeria and the companies in a wide-range of industries offering them. An encyclopedia of some sort projecting the very best out of Nigeria across all sectors, ranging from education brands, consumer and industrial goods, entertainment materials, corporate brands to sporting and fashion brands.

Viewed to be properly assessed and certified, the perception of inferiority is hugely minimized, leading to enquiries, orders’ placement and possibilities of harnessing a decent chunk of the 7 billion global consumer market. Fundamentally, it will serve as a link up to a global pool of ready and prospective off-takers and buyers. And In the same vein, offering international businesses  looking for suppliers, agents and representatives in Nigeria a see-through into the Nigerian business environment, plus vital trade leads and credible information on products and materials sourcing.

These interfaces  expectedly will result  in an upswing in the volume of out-bound mercantile, inspiring also a rise of confidence in home made goods amongst the locals, triggering unprecedented levels of purchases  and ultimately fast-tracking  the nation’s economic progression. By and large, MINFOW clearly signposts the emergence of a profitable new era. So, let’s propagate its creed:
Build it well, Brand it with global trends in mind, The world will buy


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