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By September 14, 2017

PHOTO: Juju Films Most yam farmers and sellers in Benin have observed that the cost of the produce is not

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By September 9, 2017

Fishes are raised in an aquatic environment. Fish can be cultured anywhere there is water. Besides the natural habitat of

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By September 8, 2017

The international cocoa summit held in Abuja last week was remarkable in several respects. Such a summit ought to have

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By August 30, 2017

Federal Government at the weekend, said that it has put in place every infrastructure to promote the exportation of solid

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By August 23, 2017

Fertiliser Producers and Suppliers Association (FEPSAN), has said that the country will begin to export fertiliser in the next five

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By August 23, 2017

The Federal Government, yesterday said it will stop issuing fish importation quota to importers as the  venture is no longer sustainable.

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Shea Nut
By August 21, 2017

Shea nut has been a major source of livelihood and invaluable source of income for women living in rural areas

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By August 14, 2017

International donor agencies as well as stakeholders in the agricultural sector are working in partnership to increase private sector investment

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By August 9, 2017

The Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority, manager of the country’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, has resuscitated 11 fertilizer blending plants across the

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Food Pro
By August 3, 2017

As Nigeria and other developing countries are expected to witness rapid urbanisation by 2050, experts say food security challenges will

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