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Posted on August 23, 2017

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Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered why it’s become nearly impossible to earn enough income to retire comfortably nowadays?

…Why it’s become so much more difficult to save money and support your family… or even yourself than it was 20 or 30 years ago?

Are you worried you’ll become one of the 90% of U.S. retirees dependent on a broken Social Security system… a system that pays next to nothing… and is destined to fail?

Are you afraid you’ll never be happy — or even comfortable — in retirement?

Hi, Joe Schriefer here.

I’m the executive director of one of the largest independent financial research firms in America.

And the truth about why you’re not earning enough income in retirement today is this:


America is changing in profound ways.

Quite simply, no longer can you rely on conventional institutions like the government, Wall Street firms, or corporations for your income security.

That’s why I want to send you a copy of one of the most important books I’ve ever read…

…A book I believe could help SAVE your retirement – even if you’re 85 years old and have exactly ZERO DOLLARS in your bank account.

I wish I could tell you that one of the brilliant analysts or writers at my firm wrote the book, but the truth is, we didn’t publish it.

It’s called Reinvent Yourself, and it’s written by James Altucher.

And even though you may have never heard of him…

James is probably the most qualified person on the planet to show you how to master the “new rules” of retirement… and live out your golden years the way you’ve always dreamed.

You see, even though James is only 48 years old, he’s made enough fortunes to fill TWO DOZEN lifetimes.

  • He’s a former Wall Street hedge fund manager… venture capitalist and entrepreneur who’s started more than 20 businesses…
  • He sold his first website design business for $15 million in 1998, only two years before the “dot com” bubble caused almost every web company in the country to go bankrupt.
  • In 2006, he invested $2,500 into a startup financial website called “Stockpickr.com,” and just nine months later, he sold it to TheStreet.com for $10 million.
  • He made a 6,000% gain when he invested in a social media startup called “Buddy Media” with multi-billionaires, Peter Thiel and Mark Pincus…
  • He was one of the original investors in the popular ticket-buying company “Ticketfly” with one of Silicon Valley’s most famous venture capital firms. He’s currently up 3,600%.

In short: I’ve never seen anyone turn more shoestring budgets into multi-million dollar fortunes than James…

In Reinvent Yourself, Altucher pulls back the curtain and reveals the little-known secrets that have allowed him and dozens of others to amass huge fortunes—quickly—in the “New America”…

… And I believe that, once you learn these secrets, you will NEVER have to worry about running out of money again – even if you have $0 in the bank.

I think this book is so important in fact, I used my connections in the publishing industry to get you an amazing deal.

In short, I want to send you a copy .

More on that in a minute.

But first, let me tell you why this book is so incredibly valuable to you RIGHT NOW.

In Reinvent Yourself, you’ll learn…

  • The “Forbes 500” Secret for Creating Wealth from $0… Learn how one of James’ close associates, and one of the most famous entrepreneurs in America, used this little known “secret of the ultra-wealthy” to go from dead broke to creating a $300 million net worth before the age of 50… (James personally used this secret to go from starving and sleeping on a futon in a dingy 1-bedroom apartment to having multiple millions in the bank!) Page 254
  • The powerful, but little known “rule of seven” that almost every millionaire in the world uses to create and maintain their fortune – no matter what happens in the economy. This is the single most important rule James teaches to create a substantial “recession proof” income during retirement… and it’s enabled him and dozens of his wealthy friends to passively generate thousands of dollars per month without ever having to worry about running out of money. (If he’d known this secret early on, he never would have lost his fortune in the first place! Page 18)
  • The Five “Cubanisms” for Thinking and Investing Like a Billionaire… James personally had a hand in helping Mark Cuban earn his first $1 billion in the late 90’s… And he learned 5 vitally important things about business and investing in the process that have made him the millionaire that he is today. On page 260 he’ll tell you about the wealth creation secrets he learned from America’s most famous entrepreneur, and how you can use them to create your own fortune in record time!
  • The “Magic Abundance Equation” James learned from multi-billionaire, Elon Musk… If you’d like to live an abundant life and never have to worry about money, there are two vitally important things that you need… Combined, James calls them the “Abundance Equation” and on page 136 he explains what they are and how both he and Elon have used them to create a fortune and a worry-free life.
  • The #1 financial trend that will make or break American retirees in the next decade… James sat on the board of a $1 billion company in the employment sector, and he saw first-hand, a trend sweeping America that will have a devastating impact on workers and retirees everywhere. This trend will revolutionize the way many of our biggest industries operate… it will bankrupt many, but it could make anyone who is prepared extremely wealthy. You will be SHOCKED when you learn James’ advice and specific actions about how to prepare… and even make money. (Page 13)
  • The “Hub and Spoke” method for easily making $1 million+ a year online…Chances are, you’ve seen a lot of young Millennial “gurus” out there that claim to know how to make millions online… but the truth is, most of them are still living with their parents and trying to make a few extra bucks. Fortunately, with James’ lofty connections, it wasn’t hard for him to track down one of the entrepreneurs that REALLY makes over $1 million per year online from the comfort of their home. On page 321, he talks about the little-known “hub and spoke” method that almost anyone can use to create a massively successful online business!
  • Three vital lessons about success James learned from one of the highest-paid actors in the world… His dad was an alcoholic, his mom was mentally ill from syphilis and institutionalized when he was a child… and he dropped out of school at 13 and joined the circus to pay the bills. Despite his dark past, this actor went on to found his own movie studio, which became one of the biggest in Hollywood history. On page 362, James reveals three important lessons he’s learned from this famous actor that have helped him make millions of dollars!
  • The “Bruce Lee” Technique for mastering the art of income generation…In the past 30 years of teaching people and being forced to come up with money under pressure, James has discovered the best method for learning how to generate income extremely quickly. He calls it the “Bruce Lee Technique,” and it’s what he falls back on every time finds himself in a tight situation and needs to generate income FAST. On page 369 he talks about one time in particular when he was the CEO of a company that was about to miss payroll and how this technique saved his business… (This skill is vitally important for anyone that wants to generate extra income in retirement!)
  • The “1,000 People” Principle for generating income on the internet… The number 1,000 comes up again and again with online entrepreneurs… In fact, many of James’ friends say that learning the “rule of 1,000 people” is the easiest way to make your first $1 million online. James used it starting out and today he has sold over half a million copies of his books through the internet alone! (Page 322)
  • Picasso’s “Million Dollar Productivity Secret” … at the age of 82, Barbara Courtland broke a world record. She wrote 23 novels in a single year. Picasso created 50,000 pieces of art in his life… Hendrix made 70 albums… Mozart composed over 600 pieces… and Charles Schulz made 17,897 Charlie Brown strips before he died. All of these creative people had one thing in common… On page 71, James tells you their #1 productivity secret and how you can use it to get MORE done and make MORE money during retirement. (If you’ve ever wanted to write a book or learn a new skill this secret is a MUST read!)
  • The 5-Step “Tony Robbins Method” for mastering any skill faster than you ever thought possible… When Tony Robbins was 24 years old, he wanted to train members of the military to shoot better – even though he’d never shot a gun in his life. On page 285, he tells James about the clever technique he discovered to increase the results of the shooters by 50%… and James explains how you can use it to master any new skill in a matter of no time… including skills that you could use to generate extra income!
  • The Larry Page secret to making $45 Billion… According to Forbes, Google co-founder, Larry Page has a net worth of $45 billion. James has learned a lot of lessons from Larry about success in business and how to accumulate wealth. On page 297, he shares 23 of the best pieces of advice he got from Larry that could help you create a fortune and a worry free retirement!
  • Why you should consider quitting your job, even if you don’t have enough saved to retire! James says that you can separate every decision in life into two categories. One category leads to failure and the other leads to riches. On page 351 he’ll tell you about his decision to walk out of his high-paying corporate job without saying a word… why it was one of the best decisions he ever made… and why you should quit your job too!

And much, MUCH more…

Through his experience in the real world along with the mentoring he’s gotten from some of the most successful people in the world, James has mastered the art of QUICK income generation…

… And distilled the best lessons he’s learned into this valuable book.

Look, I know there are a million “experts” out there that are claiming they can teach you how to earn income in retirement.

But how many of these self-proclaimed “gurus” have created millions of dollars on a shoestring budget as many times as James?

How many of them can call up Steve Cohen, the richest Hedge Fund manager in the world, and offer him advice about how to handle his money?

And how many of them can say that they personally helped Mark Cuban make his first $1 billion?

This is what makes James’ new book Reinvent Yourself a priceless resource for your retirement…

I know James personally and I can testify that he’s done all of these things and much more…

Look… Retirement in America is changing in ways most people cannot fathom…

Social Security is on the verge of bankruptcy…

Corporate pension plans have gone the way of the dodo…

Government bonds are paying next to NOTHING…

The stock market is one giant bubble just waiting to collapse!

My point is, it’s going to be up to YOU to generate the income you need to ensure you never, EVER, run out of money.

And it’s far easier to do than you ever thought possible!

James will show you how…

In fact, he says that right now is the greatest opportunity you will ever have to accumulate a fortune and create the life and retirement that you want.

Whether you want to supplement your income with a little extra cash… or if you’re looking for a way to fund your retirement…

Reinvent Yourself will show you exactly how.

And here’s the best part…

I have a hard-cover copy of Reinvent Yourself reserved in your name and I’m prepared to send it to your doorstep today.

“Highly recommended for Self-Improvement and Earnings”

I have read several of Mr. Altucher’s articles and books before. This is the most complete one I’ve read to date. If you are serious about improving your chances for growth and earnings, it’s a must-read.

– John G.

“Common Sense Approach”

Another great book by James Altucher. James distills ideas he’s learned from his experiences, and meeting tons of interesting people. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a roadmap of the way the world is headed.

– Henry R.

“Very Intelligent and Insightful…”

James Altucher’s advice has made me money, period… His books are fastreads packed with tangible info.

– Jeff M.

“…If I hadn’t found James’ writings, my life might look very different…”

…It is from James that I came to understand how to turn ideas into money. He showed me how to do this. I think that if I hadn’t found his writings, my life might look very different. I struggled with confidence in the creative fields, and now, it appears that I’m doing exactly what comes natural to me: writing and making art…

– Pam B.

Forbes article: “James Altucher: The Most Interesting Man in the World”

This man has changed my life, and the lives of thousands of people that follow his every word. He is the most valuable mentor I have…

Brian Rashid, Forbes Contributor

“James Altucher changed my life…”

James Altucher changed my life with his blog and books. Give him a try, I’m sure it’ll do no less for you.

-Stephen E. Dinehart IV, Award-Winning Game maker, Int’l Speaker, Attraction Designer @NBCUniversal, Nintendo Dev, Filmmaker & Transmedia Pioneer

You Will NOT Find a Hardcover Copy of This Book Anywhere Else in the World!

The truth is, you could close out of this page and buy a paperback copy of Reinvent Yourselfon Amazon right now for about $10…

But James has set aside a small number of limited edition hard-cover copies of his book, as part of this special deal.

The Experts Agree
Reinvent Yourself is essential reading for anyone who wants to create extra income for retirement


“James shows readers how they can succeed despite their flaws, not because of a lack of flaws. This is hugely refreshing in a world of rah-rah positive thinking gurus who are all forced smiles and high-fives.”

– Tim Ferris, Exerpt from The New York Times

“What I like about James and his book is you can tell he came from a roller coaster. He chose his own path to success without knowing the outcome. And what happens to him later – well…”

– Dick Costolo, Former CEO of Twitter

“James is on a very personal journey. He’s telling you the story on Saturday, on Sunday he’s talking about how it failed, and on Monday he’s talking about doing it a different way.”

– Brian Koppelman, Co-Creator of “Billions”

But that’s not all…

I’ve done everything in my power to convince James to make this offer a “no-brainer” for anyone that would like to generate extra income in retirement.

In fact, James has agreed to give away FOUR extremely valuable bonuses to the first 500 people that respond to this offer today…

These bonuses are the perfect “addendums” to Reinvent Yourself, and they are practically certain to increase your chances of success dramatically.

For example…

Special Bonus #1: How to make $2,000
in a weekend!


Need income in a pinch?

In this valuable 150-page digital guidebook, James reveals the top 10 easiest PROVEN ways to potentially generate $2,000 or MORE in a single weekend.

These are the income-generating secrets that James discovered from the CEO of a $500 million company that can dish out thousands of dollars to regular Americans like you and me, every single day.

The best part is many of these methods require skills that you already have or that you can learn in a matter of weeks from the comfort of your home.

ANYONE with an internet connection and a few hours spare time can do this.

I’m not talking about doing anything hard or ridiculous either. Some of the methods James recommends require almost no money or special skills to get started.

In fact, one of the methods involves nothing more than simply reading a script into a microphone… and you can make thousands of dollars doing it!

Sadly, most retirees have no clue these opportunities even exist.

But James reveals the 10 most profitable… as well as his 4 favorite – with instructions on how to get started on each one – in this report.

James could easily sell this guidebook as a stand-alone product for hundreds of dollars, but I’ve convinced him to send it to you today, through this special offer…

And that’s only the beginning…

Special Bonus #2: The 5 Best Retirement
Jobs in America


If you plan to maintain an active retirement, this second bonus report is perfect for you!

In it, James talks about five lucrative “work-for-yourself” part-time gigs that almost any retiree can do to generate extra income on a monthly or weekly basis.

But allow me to clarify, this is NOT a guide to finding a corporate job that will have you chained to a desk for hours every day… That goes against everything James teaches.

These “jobs” enable you to spend as much or as little time as you’d like working, and once you’ve put in a few hours to generate your desired income…

… You’ll have the rest of the week to do what you like… Whether that’s traveling, spending time with the family, or just taking it easy.

And the best part? No bosses, no payroll, and no headaches.

Plus, unlike many cubicle jobs in America, these 5 “jobs” aren’t going anywhere…

Every opportunity that James recommends in this report is fun, easy to get started and has the potential to generate thousands of dollars each and every month.

In fact, one of the “jobs” he recommends could easily earn you over a thousand dollars a month and all you need is an internet connection, a phone and a few hours spare time a week!

There are already thousands of retirees out there making good money doing these things, and you’ve probably never even heard of them!

But that’s not all…

Special Bonus #3: The Choose Yourself
Guide to Wealth


If you accept this special offer today, you’ll also receive James’ book The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth.

The list price of this hardcover is currently $24.95 on Amazon, but I’ve convinced James to give you an electronic copy…

This 279-page book is jam-packed with some of James’ best financial analysis and income secrets that he personally uses to survive and thrive in the new American economy.

In short, The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth includes vitally important information about creating and maintaining wealth in the “new America” that you won’t find in anywhere else.

For example…

  • How to make $40,000 a month on Amazon! You’ll be amazed when you learn how one of James’ friends is making more money than 95% of CEOs in the corporate world… on Amazon. WITHOUT owning a company, sourcing products or hiring employees… (If you can write a few paragraphs a day, you can do this too!) page 181 
  • How to eliminate your debt in 30 seconds or less… On page 218 James talks about a secret method you can use to get rid of your mortgage, credit cards, and student loan debt. It has nothing to do with declaring bankruptcy, moving, or hiding your assets… and it’s 100% legal. But I have to warn you… this strategy is NOT for everyone.
  • Learn the unusual ways James Altucher personally secures and grows his money! After earning a fortune and losing it numerous times, James has developed some “odd” habits that enable him to keep and grow his money… (I promise that you’ve never heard a wealthy businessman give financial analysis like this!) Page 234
  • How to use a tool James calls the “Idea Matrix” to create your own income… and never rely on corporate America or the government again! James strongly believes that ideas are closely linked to wealth, and on page 19, he explains why anyone that learns how to use his “Idea Matrix” may never have to worry about income again!

And much, MUCH more…

“Since Buying Your Book, I’ve Quit my Job…”

“I bought your book and was deeply influenced by your insights at a point in my life where I needed change. Since then I have quit my job. Started a company and we are actually raising money. So just saying thanks, what you’re doing matters.”

– Dave V.

Practical, Off The Beaten Path Ideas For Wealth Creation…That Actually Makes Sense

This is a great book which covers many angles of personal finance and wealth creation that are not taught in most other books. James comes across as a genuine every man, as he has suffered through his own ups and downs. Especially enjoyed his extensive exploration into the power of coming up with ideas everyday, and making it a regular practice.

– Thomas P.

Highly insightful and powerful advice on building your own wealth streams.

This book needs to be read thoroughly and seriously by anyone who wants to escape the rat race that has permeated our capitalist society and its cubicle culture. The author gives very profound advice on how to come up with original ideas, so that you can use them to become wealthy one day (instead of depending on someone else’s paycheck for the rest of your life)… If you want to live a less stressful life because of money, then I highly recommend you read this book.

– Phil I.

The Choose Youself Guide to Wealth is a perfect supplement to the material you’ll read in Reinvent Yourself, and with it, your chances of success could skyrocket.

There’s more…

If you’re one of the first to accept this special offer, you’ll also receive…

Special Bonus #4: The Uber Equation
How to Survive and Thrive in the
Innovation Economy


The fourth bonus you’ll receive is all about how to succeed in what James calls the “Innovation Economy.”

In it, James tells you – step by step – how he created a business that went from ZERO to 6 figures a month in under half a year… without hiring a single employee!

You’ll also learn what James claims is his biggest key to success and the #1 mistake that you can make when they’re trying to create new sources of income and bring their ideas to life…

Plus, James tells you how to cash in on the 7 biggest trends and industries that he sees developing over the next few years (almost nobody is talking about these)… and he covers over a dozen different ways to monetize them!

In this incredibly valuable report, James will also teach you the exact process he goes through to come up with and implement new streams of income using his “PTO” method.

You’ll also learn what types of companies James personally invests in, and which ones he stays far, far away from…

…And he even hands you a few “never-before-seen” ideas that each have the potential to make millions of dollars for anyone that takes the time to implement them.

Remember, you can ONLY get these bonuses and your limited edition hard cover copy of Reinvent Yourself by responding to this offer, while supplies last.

And that’s STILL not all.

You’ll need a guide through all the mess. Someone to help you protect your wealth. Someone to alert you of new income opportunities. And someone to show you how to shield and grow your wealth during your retirement…

That’s why I’ve convinced James to include a free 30­day trial subscription to his monthly income and opportunity briefing, called The Altucher Report.

On the first weekday of every month, James will personally update you on emerging new ways to earn more income. It could be a new business idea… a potential deal with someone in James’ vast network of contacts… or even a stock idea…

James’ mission is simple: To help everyday American retirees end their reliance on the conventional institutions… and learn how to create your own streams of income so you can live your retirement exactly how you want – without EVER having to worry about money.

Frankly, what James teaches is the only proven way that I know to survive and prosper in the new American economy.

In the past, James has only provided this kind of research to his high net-worth business associates and members of the Wall Street elite.

Now, it’s available to you.

The Altucher Report is the perfect way to stay up­to­date on new income opportunities that arise in America, and potentially make a fortune for your retirement.

…There is truly some great information offered here.

“…The thing is, we see so many products that promise to be an asset to those who have that true entrepreneurial spirit. But, so many fail to live up to expectations. However, this certainly does not fall into that camp because there is truly some great information offered here.”

– Stan Stevenson, StreetInsider.com

…you owe it to yourself to provide yourself with the positive vibes and influence you’ll get from reading the words contained in this monthly report…

If you’re a ‘doer’ rather than a ‘don’ter’ a ‘go-getter’ or a ‘wanna-have’, then you owe it to yourself to provide yourself with the positive vibes and influence you’ll get from reading the words contained within this monthly report. And it doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you’re male or female, rich or poor, working, retired or unemployed – all that’s required to take advantage of the info provided is a positive attitude – it’s a simple as that!

– ProfitMoreDaily.com

I’ve been reading James’ books, his newsletter (The Altucher Report), and listening to his podcasts for years. The reason why I’ve spent so much time listening to James is that he provides a TON of value…

– Bruce H.

To sum up: For just a nonrefundable $4.95 you’ll receive:

  • A hardback copy of James’ latest and most important book to date, Reinvent Yourself, Limited Edition.
  • Bonus Gift #1 How to make $2,000 in a Weekend
  • Bonus Gift #2 The Five Best Retirement Jobs in America
  • Bonus Gift #3 James’ book The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth (electronic copy)
  • Bonus Gift #4 The Uber Equation: How to Survive and Thrive in the Innovation Economy


Why so cheap?

Well, I figure this package – what essentially amounts to a free sample of some of James’ most important work – is the perfect way to introduce you to his group and the research he does.

If you like his work as much as I think you will, then my sincerest hope is that you’ll want to do business with us again in the future.

But of course, that will be totally up to you to decide. In short, I’m confident James’ work will speak for itself.

That’s why James and I are thrilled to send you this valuable research package for the ultra-low price of $4.95.

If you’re unhappy for any reason during the first 30 days, simply call our friendly Baltimore-based customer service staff and cancel. You’ll never be charged another cent.

If you like what you see, simply do nothing. We’ll bill your card for $99 for a 1-year subscription to The Altucher Report after your 30-day free trial is over.

James has printed a limited number of hardcover editions of Reinvent Yourself.

I’ve reserved one in your name, but I can only hold it for you while supplies last. So if you’re interested, I only ask that you please act soon.

REMEMBER: These limited edition hard covers are not available on Amazon.com or at any other bookstore. You can only get them right here.

Click the “Reserve now” button below to get started today.

This will take you to a secure order form page where you can review the details of your order and provide the details of where you’d like your books and research sent.

The bonus reports will be sent to you electronically, within minutes of placing your order.

A hardcover copy of Reinvent Yourself (Limited edition) will arrive shortly after.

July 2017

Reserve Now

(You Can Review Your Order Before it’s Final)

P.S. I almost forgot. There’s one more important gift I’d like to include as part of this deal. James has sold over a million copies of his different books online – as far as I know, he’s become the most successful self-published author in history – and he firmly believes that everyone has the content inside of them to write a book… In his report, The Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing, James gives you a step-by-step blueprint to write your own best-selling book. He tells you the exact self-publishing process he goes through… Including how to choose a title, how to design a cover, how to digitally publish it for Kindle and MUCH more. Everything you need to know to turn a rough idea into a masterpiece is in this special report, The Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing.

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