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Kenya to deport Chinese national for calling President Monkey

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Posted on September 7, 2018

A Chinese business man was Thursday arrested by authorities on racism grounds for calling Kenyans including President Uhuru Kenyatta as monkeys.The Chinese national identified as Liu Jiaqi was captured on video in an altercation with one his staff and went on an abusive and racial rant describing Kenyans as foolish, poor, smelly and black.
Liu Jiaqi works at Sonlink (K) Limited which is a Chinese company which sells motorcycles in the outskirts of Nairobi.
“Chinese National by the Name Liu Jiaqi who was captured on video yesterday using abusive words has been arrested. His work permit has been canceled and will be deported on racism grounds,” said Immigration Department in a statement.
“All Kenyans are all monkeys. Even Uhuru Kenyatta is like a monkey,” said Jiaqi who unknown to him was been filmed secretly by one of his employees.
“I don’t care, I don’t belong here and don’t like here. Like monkey people, I don’t like. “Why are you not like bright people like the Americans,” he continues.
When pressed further by the unidentified employee why he operates a business in Kenya instead of his home country, he retorts back: “Money is important.”
The two and half minute video, which went viral on Wednesday night, caused outrage among Kenyans who demanded he should be incarcerated before he is deported.
“This racist Chinese, #LiuJiaqi, must first feel the weight of Kenyan law before he is deported. He must be sent to Kamiti maximum prison first. Deporting him first before jail weakens our own law and amounts to a big treat to him,” said Dr. Ekuru Aukot a Kenyan lawyer and politician.
The deportation of Jiaqi comes after immigration officers on Wednesday raided Chinese owned CGTN Studios in Nairobi, and arrested 13 Chinese nationals who were working in the country illegally.
Chinese workers operating in Kenya have been previously accused of racism. On July a damning media expose by one of the local daily, details how Kenyan workers working on the Standard Gauge Railway who revealed they are experiencing neo-colonialism, racism and blatant discrimination at the hands of the Chinese.
In 2015, the County government of Nairobi was forced to close down a Chinese restaurant with a controversial policy of barring black Kenyans after 5pm.

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