Tarpaulin pond for fish cultivation

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Posted on September 9, 2017

Fishes are raised in an aquatic environment. Fish can be cultured anywhere there is water. Besides the natural habitat of fishes, researches have made us to understand that some fishes, especially catfish, are rugged. They can be raised in almost every object that can retain fresh water.

However, cultured fishes are raised in a pond. The choice of pond type to use depends largely on factors like land availability, convenience, purpose of raising fish, water resources, and scale of production among others.

Use of tarpaulin mobile pond is ideal for urban dwellers and a very easy way to raise your own fish. The mobile ponds are ideal facility for your small-scale or commercial fish farming business.

Mobile tarpaulin pond is the latest moveable fish pond in Nigeria. It gives room for intending fish farmers that have no permanent land of their own. They can take advantage of this new mobile pond that is more preferred to concrete pond system. This pond grows fish very fast and can be used for fish culture in any environment.

Dimensions of tarpaulin fish pond

When it comes to choosing tarpaulin fish pond, go for the best. We have been producing and supplying tarpaulin fish ponds throughout Nigeria for years. Here are the dimensions of tarpaulin ponds and their capacity.

7ft by 7ft by 4ft high (400 fishes)

10ft by 10ft by 4ft high (750 fishes)

8ft by 12ft by 4ft high (750 fishes)

8ft by 10ft by 4ft high (600 fishes)

13ft by 13ft by 4ft high (1000 fishes)

10ft by 15ft by 4ft (1,000 fishes)

10ft by 20ft by 4ft high (1,250 fishes)


  1. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive.
  2. It can hold water for as long as you want.
  3. It can easily be removed and carried to another location.
  4. Ideal for people who live in rented apartments.
  5. It is an ideal pond for a starter or anyone who wants to start small.

dependable is your fish ponds?

Tarpaulin ponds are very economical, affordable and reliable alternative for expensive ponds. With this product, there is no need to put up with high cost and all the inconveniences that come with concrete, earthen, fibre, drums or plastic ponds.

This type of fish pond is easily movable and does not involve any permanent construction on the land. It is therefore very suitable for tenants who wish to engage their backyard space for fish farming.

Why are tarpaulin ponds rugged?

  • Tough and light weight with high tensile strength; can withstand wear and tear without puncture.
  • Durable and long lasting, with virtually no maintenance cost; less expensive compared to concrete ponds or plastic tanks.
  • Tarpaulin ponds, unlike plastic tanks, offer larger surface area for oxygen exchange and fish mobility which greatly enhances fish growth.
  • Can easily be removed and carried to another location, thereby making it ideal for tenants.
  • Suitable for small-scale fish farming in areas like compound, backyard, garage, garden, school, hotel, etc.
  • High degree of customisation to suit a variety of farming projects.
  • Low height gives you easy access to watch the fishes.
  • Can be used for the farming of shrimps, crayfish, catfish, tilapia, etc.



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