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Posted on April 11, 2018

The Technology landscape in Nigeria is set to witness a major shift as Tek Experts and Microsoft join forces to establish a customer service and support (CSS) centre in Lagos.

Tek Experts is making its debut in Nigeria, having successfully established similar centres in other global locations. Analysts believe, as technology is fast becoming a key driver in Nigeria’s economic growth, initiatives such as this would further spur growth.

Tek Experts has stated that it is committed to supporting talented individuals around the world and providing them with long and rewarding careers with partners such as Microsoft Nigeria.

Unveiling the company in Lagos and speaking on the collaboration, Yaniv Natan, founder of Tek Experts, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Microsoft in developing talent that will improve the technology landscape in Nigeria and leverage the skills and expertise of Nigerians to provide great levels of service to customers as we have done in other locations around the world. We are committed to investing in the region and the people, and to raising the profile of Nigeria as an exceptional location for technical talent. 

This is the first phase in what we want to be a long and fruitful future in Nigeria. We are investing in state-of-the-art offices, in providing best-in-class training programmes and in developing the infrastructure that will provide exceptional services to our clients and exceptional careers for our employees.”

On the prospects that a collaboration between Tek Experts and Microsoft offers for Nigeria, Aileen Allkins, vice president, customer service and support, Microsoft, said: We are committed to investing in the talented workforce Nigeria has to offer through our partnership with Tek Experts and I expect that this relationship will continue to grow and provide additional career opportunities for the local market. By expanding our global support model to Nigeria through Tek Experts, we are able to enhance the support we offer Microsoft’s customers across multiple time zones in EMEA and the east coast of the US.”

Also, country general manager, Microsoft Nigeria, Akin Banuso, stated that: “We are excited that Nigeria will be the first country in Africa to host a global operation for Microsoft through our strategic partnership with Tek Experts. This is a unique opportunity for Nigeria’s youth to realise their potential and pursue a world-class technical career locally. This is in line with our mission of empowering every individual and organisation on the planet to achieve more.

The opportunities this centre holds for Lagos, Nigeria, and Africa are huge and Tek Experts and Microsoft are happy to be the first to bring this to Nigeria. With an unemployment rate in double digits in Nigeria, the centre comes at a good time, as it will not only impact positively on technical skills development in Nigeria, it will also prove to be the first of many opportunities to bring technical jobs, with career growth, to the continent of Africa; a great transformation project Tek Experts and Microsoft are proud to pioneer.

“Tek Experts has a strong track record helping companies manage their business operations and has built a reputation for developing local talent. Through its operations in Costa Rica, USA, Malta, Bulgaria, China and Vietnam, the company has created more than 5,000 jobs and helped thousands of people to build long and rewarding careers.”


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